Mini Barbells for Kids


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We’ve recently started teaching weightlifting to kids, ages 6-13. After posting an image of some mini-barbells we purchased, we received several inquiries re: “Where did you get these?”

In our research so far, there are at least 3 companies that make mini-barbells for young kids. Here are the ones we’re aware of:

OSO 5lb Mini Bar $99.95 (via Rogue)

X Training Equipment 5lb Training Bar $89.95 (via Again Faster)
Again Faster


2.5kg Mini Lifter Bars $80-$85 (via $80-$85
GetRXd Mini Bars

It appears all these bars are made with regulation size collars that spin, so you can add standard Olympic-size plates if you need to add resistance (usually up to a 40lb/20kg limit).

We have not tested all these bars so we can’t comment on how they compare.

If you are aware of other mini-bars, please let us know so we can add them to this list.

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